Alexander Technique Applications

Chronic Pain

elizabeth-looking-at-patientMany of my students suffer from back, neck, shoulder pain, TMJ, and repetitive strain injuries. I work closely with physicians, physical, occupational and speech therapists, as well as other professionals to provide balanced care. The Alexander Technique complements these modalities in picking up where treatment leaves off — in addressing how to use the body correctly in the tasks of daily living. Read more about how the Alexander Technique can help with chronic pain.

The Performing Arts

The Technique is helpful to all performing artists whether to address issues of voice, movement, posture, stage presence, or repetitive strain injuries. Read more about how the Alexander Technique can help performers.

Personal Growth and Development

elizabeth-looking-at-patient-on-chairStudents often come to the Alexander Technique for practical reasons such as pain or poor posture.  In the process of learning to improve these problems, they become more attuned, respectful and compassionate toward their bodies.  Read more about how the Alexander Technique enhances personal growth.