Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique looks at postural habits and tension responses to stress thatIMG_9491 copy copy (2) develop at an early age and are reinforced over a lifetime. We move around all day without thinking about the body, straining our muscles unnecessarily. Our bodies are a low priority until something breaks down and draws our attention.  The Alexander Technique is like an owner’s manual for the body; it teaches  you to use the body correctly.  You learn to notice and change poor postural habits and to restore coordination and poise.  It relieves pain, frees breathing, improves performance in artists and athletes, and promotes inner calm.  The Technique also gives you tools to stop acting without thinking and to instead respond with greater mental clarity.

The Alexander Technique can be helpful to those with chronic pain including back pain, repetitive strain injuries, and TMJ, and to many performing artists such as musicians, singers and actors as well as those who want to improve their sense of self and personal development.

F.M. Alexander was an actor who developed chronic laryngitis when he performed. He discovered that excess tension throughout his body was the cause of his problem and discovered a method to speak and move with greater ease.  When he began training teachers in England in the fifties, the Alexander Technique became more widely disseminated and is now taught throughout the world by thousands of practitioners and in major institutions of higher learning.